Why Names? 3 Reasons Why Your Brand Name Matters

Why a name is so important? While branding is part of marketing, advertising and business management, why is it that people focus on the name of the brand so much? What is in a name that makes it so important?

In all truth it isn’t, but then again, it is. From one side, the name of a brand is not as important as many other things in marketing or advertising – after all there are a host of other things to take care of. However, if you stop for a moment you’ll see why a name is really a crucial thing and it is why we started our business – well, at least one of the reasons.

It is the first thing your eyes land on

Beyond a doubt, one of the first things a customer’s eyes see when they interact with your product or business is its name. If you have an online only presence (like a service or product that you are offering online), your name is the first thing that pops up in any search engine results. If you have a physically present store or office, the name is the first thing a customer would notice.

First impression lasts

Many people believe that quote and abide by it. Beyond the philosophical debate of whether this is right or wrong to do, it applies to naming. If your name gives the wrong impression or doesn’t feel right, people will not feel at ease dealing with it. I mean you wouldn’t feel right dealing with a locksmith that names his business “Broken Doors”, would you? It certainly puts a question mark behind the name and that is the last thing you want to do to your business.


Don’t Judge a book by its cover

Well, people still do. Allow me to rephrase that… a lot of people still do. Seriously. Morale debates aside, your name must feel good to the customer or client that is using your brand. Close to 65% of people may choose a brand over another simply because it “feels” better. They may not be able to point why it feels better but it is that feeling that derives them.


It may not seem quite dangerous to you, but they are points definitely worth thinking about. After all, it is one of the elements that can easily make or break your brand. A name may not be much from your point of view now, but if you stop for a second and think about how many people across the world change their names because they don’t like their current one, you’ll be surprised. So why would your brand name be any different?


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