What You Need To Know Before Hiring A Naming Agency

In previous articles, we talked about how to unleash your creativity, we mentioned a few tips to help you come up with a name and more tips to help you choose the name. We also mentioned some of the pitfalls that you want to avoid when naming your brand. However, sometimes – either from the lack of time or just things aren’t working out – you may end up hiring someone else to do it for you. Here are a few tips to help you out when that moment comes.

Know what you want – The overarching plan!

Perhaps you are a new startup or perhaps you have been in business for a long time or maybe you are trying to rebrand your current business in a reformation scheme, the very first thing you would want to do is sit down and plan the business’s vision. What your brand is about? What kind of brand is it? Why is it there? What differentiates it from others similar to it in the same field or market?

Doing that from the get go will give the necessary focus to the people you are hiring which would help them get the name right. Picking a name for you brand based on the products you sell solely is completely different from picking a name that would convey your vision alone or a mix between the two.

Sharing way too much when you share way too little

One of the traps that you may fall into when contacting an agency is providing the agency with either too much unnecessary information or too little information. Now we can argue that there is nothing called too much information – it is true to an extent. But if the information you are sharing is generic and apply to most businesses of the same type then that may not help the people you hired. Let’s say you are opening a new car washing garage, if you contact the agency and mention that you are a “unique, creative, fun” car washing garage that may not be enough; there isn’t enough information. How is it unique? Are you using a new technology? How is it fun? Will the customer have some kind of activity to do to pass the time while the car is washed?

You need to be specific, you need to share enough information to make the people you are hiring understand exactly what kind of business you are launching and why. Otherwise you risk that your name would come out different from what you expected.

Ideas are a dime a dozen

Another thing that people fall into when contacting naming agencies is the release of information about their business. It is understandable that your business is like your little baby that you have to take care of. However, being over protective never helped any child grow up properly – same applies to your business. There is no need to divulge the specifications of how you run your business or perhaps the secret ingredient of your pizza recipe, but you need to provide the information essential for the people to understand your vision, your brand and your mission.

Examples are worth a thousand words

When contacting a naming agency – same like any other service based on creativity – you need to guide the people working towards what you want. Sometimes it isn’t easy to describe the type of name you want; describing the name as “short” or “creative” may not be enough for you. That is when examples come in. Spend a few minutes over the internet looking over some of the brands (whether related to your business or not) that you like. Most people would stop right there, but that is when things sometimes go awry. You would want to push for that extra step – describe why you like it? Is it because the name is easy to remember? Is it because it has “ify” at the end and the today’s trend is to have such a thing?

If I say I like “Apple” as a brand name, you may see it as because it is easy to remember. Another person may see it because it has nothing to do with the line of business which would make it stand out. Another person may perceive it as short.


It is crucial to find the name you are seeking, there is no denying that. It is even more important to get the most out of your money if you are going to hire someone to find it for you – hopefully these tips would help you in guiding the people you hire and make the communication between the two of you better.

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