Too Long To Be True

The dilemma of finding a good business name or coming up with a brand name that is catchy and yet meaningful is not trivial. While, yes, there are many ways to find the one and only brand name for you, most times people would dismiss a name due to its length. However, what they don’t know, that not always does a long length equal failure.

To prove our point we take a quick look on three of the well renowned long brand names around the world.


A luxury car brand (automobile would be more precise since they produce buses, coaches and even trucks) originated in Germany under the umbrella of Dailmer AG. The company started out in 1926 but traces its birth time to 1901 within the arms of Dailmer-Motoren-Gesellschaft with the ever famous slogan “The best or nothing” (Das Beste oder Nichts).

Mitsubishi Motors

The sixth biggest Japanese company in Automobile industry and definitely the sixteenth worldwide in 2011. The Japanese company proved itself around the world as one of the best cars to be owned. It all started back in 1917 when the Mitsubishi Model A was introduced by the Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co.

The Carphone Warehouse

One of the largest retailers for mobile phones in the entirety of Europe hosting close to 1700 stores across the entire content. The name may sound strange, but it is because when the company was founded in 1989 mobile phones we were quite big that they were called Car Phones – therefore the name.

As you can see the length of a name is hardly a reason to dismiss it. In fact, if we applied that rule to the previous examples, most wouldn’t have lived to see day light. So next time when you are thinking of a name for your product or brand, don’t judge the name by its length… it just might be what it needs to stand out.

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