Our Most Favorite 5 Cartoon Character Names

There is no doubt that names are important; it defines the essence of the very thing you are naming. Whether it is a living thing (like baby names) or a business or even a cartoon character. There is a saying; a person takes some of his name’s essence; so we thought we’d take a break from our serious topics and list our top 5 favorite cartoon characters.

And without any further ado, in no particular order:



Goofy was born in 1932 at Walt Disney Productions; the concept originally made by Frank Webb. Goofy can be described as a dog that has a human-like pose; like many of Disney’s characters. However, the reason why we picked Goofy is the description within the name and its simplicity. He is a goof. He acts stupid, he is rash and has this kind-heart like nature. Frankly, Disney couldn’t have picked a better name for him.


Shaggy Rogers

You don’t need to be a hero to stand out and Shaggy Rogers fits the profile well. While being a sidekick to the gang solving mysteries he always sticks around despite his fear of almost everything. Why do we like the name? It is descriptive, simple and easy to remember. Once you see Shaggy Rogers you don’t need to be told twice who he is – it sticks!


Pink Panther

It appeared (or he?) in a serious of comedy animations that featured a strange detective Clouseau that tries hard to solve crimes but isn’t that good at his job. It was later adapted – the name – into several real feature movie. While the name is slightly long (just like the previous one) it describes the life of the Panther and his visage; Pink.


Winnie The Pooh

Created by A. A. Milne in a book in 1962; the idea behind the character was drawn from his son’s teddy bear. The name however while has no meaning at all was derived from the name of a bear they met in the local zoo “Winnie” (named after the town Winniepeg from where the bear came) and the word “Pooh” was the owl’s name from the same zoo. Still, without a meaning, the name stuck with millions of children for years and was a figure for many during their childhood that they still remember till this day.


Tom and Jerry

Yes, we mentioned 5 names but you’ve got to admit, you can’t include one without the other – they are eternally inseparable. The characters were created by Joseph Barbera and William Hanna in 1940 and debuts the eternal struggle between cats and mice. Yet, it seems that Tom’s intention in chasing Jerry never surpassed trying to humiliate and drive him away but never to eat him. While many have come to believe that Tom and Jerry were named after the British army (dubbed Toms) and the German army (dubbed Jerries); it wasn’t the case. They were named originally Jasper (Tom) and Jinx (Jerry) but MGM made a raffle when they saw the potential of the series and the names Tom and Jerry were picked randomly.

So there you go, our most favorite 5 cartoon character names. Do you have a list of your own? Would like to suggest a few or would know of better examples? Hit up the comments and show us.


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