Is A .com Domain Worth It?

In our previous article we talked about the information that you’d need to tell the agency and why it is important to be clear and concise. How speaking your mind and sharing your vision may be the difference between getting what you want and something entirely different. Today we’ll touch on the other part of the name; domain names.

Why is a domain name important to a brand?

Unless your business is off the grid and has no online presence – or doesn’t depend on online presence but still you’d like to have a website – your domain name is the gateway for possible clients and customers to find you. There are many domain names; you can find a list with the description of each one here.

The most notable of them all and the most popular is the .com domain name; it became quite popular and the one everyone seeks when the internet started booming back in the day.

Does that mean I have to get a .com? What if the .com isn’t available for my company name?

There is no doubt that the .com TLD is the most notable and the one all browsers autocompletes when you type a website (using the shortcut on keyboard Ctrl + Enter). However, whether you NEED a .com TLD or not, that remains entirely up to you and your business.

The first thing you should do is figure out how important is your brand name; is it irreplaceable? Is it just the perfect name you are after?

Most people nowadays can type in the name of any company or website they want to find and Google will find it for them. That said, you’d probably would like to give SEO a consideration as some websites would rank better with Google if they have the correct keywords in their name for example.

Another thing to consider with the TLD is how it sounds. Would be better than let’s say

That said, some of the TLDs that are growing (.io for example) offer a unique touch for your business. If you search in Google for a broad term like “itch” you’ll find probably nothing and mostly information related to the word’s meaning. However, if you type in “itch game” you’ll find; one of the most famous game based portals. It isn’t using a .com, yet a well-known portal in its field.

While yes, .com is a very popular and the one to go to by most people, there are many TLDs around that could actually offer better alternatives or even offer more to your business than you think. Perhaps sometimes, it is worth it to look around at the options available rather than opting in for the default.

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