4 Lessons Learned from Name Generators

If you’re an entrepreneur or someone that run their own business, rebranding or coming up with a brand name could be a real headache. Whether it is the lack of ideas or the wrong belief that you aren’t creative enough (which we prove wrong in this article) or the lack of time available among the myriad of things to do, you may not be able to come up with something that you’d like in a timely fashion.

Fortunately we have these nifty name generators that may spark a few ideas. While, yes, they aren’t the most efficient or best way to come up with a name (you’ll see below), but definitely could help you think along the right track (or the wrong one if you aren’t careful).

For this demonstration we came up with a scenario where we are opening up a new tailor shop and looking for a brand name. Searching through Google for a “Business Name Generator” we found these two websites (you can find here and here). So we typed in “Tailor” and “Shop” and hit generate.

Lesson no.1 – You don’t have to spell everything out:

The second example we got from Panabee was a slightly interesting idea; ailorshop which is basically what we threw in the search bar but with a letter missing. That is actually a very brilliant idea – one of the common trends these days with names, one could say. While the name that came up was a complete nonsense and wasn’t of use, but it reminded us with the many businesses online that use the same trick (Flickr, Scribd, nwplaying, etc…) and are quite successful.


Lesson no.2 – Reversy:

The next thing that caught our eyes is the reversal of one of the words we entered “Shop” it was “Pohs”. Aside from the hard to pronounce name and the weird spelling, it might actually prove to be a useful idea. Many businesses use the same technique to generate their names (Harpo Productions is the reverse of Oprah’s name, Soma Records is the reverse of Amos’ name, etc…). Of course, you may want to watch out what kind of word you are going to reverse, you don’t want to end up with another Poh!


Lesson no.3 – Spot the trend:

Like in fashion and everything else, naming a brand has its own trends and nowadays there a few that are quite common. Spotify as well as Shopify may testify to that. Just like Bit.ly and Goo.gl. Similarly you can find Digg.


Lesson no.4 – Strange is sometimes good:

Many of the most known brands nowadays have weird names that has nothing to do with the business they run – at least at first glance. Naturally, what caught our eyes next was the clever use of a word that is outside of the two words we provided. Business Name Generator managed (after scrolling through 50+ nonsensical names) to hint at the idea of thinking outside the box. The name they generated is “Tailorwire”, while the name in of itself isn’t that good, it hints that you could use a word related to your business but isn’t directly associated with it. To name a few of the most successful ones; Accenture, Allianz and Virgin.


Name generators are quite dangerous but at the same time they can be quite the help if you are stuck trying to come up with a name for your brand. While yes, it would take you a lot of time to find a good generated name it takes far less time to get an inspiration that would jump start your creative brain.


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